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Rare orchids to make your gardens special – the top 5 picks

Orchids exhibit some of the most vibrant colors and unique shapes in flowering plants; and some of the rare orchards disperse a fragrant aroma as well. While a few orchids are endemic to certain climatic conditions, most orchids can thrive on any garden yard with special care and proper… – http://www.fiboni.com/2014/11/rare-orchids/


Ophrys orchid – The Happiest Orchid in the World!

If you thought defrauding people by gaining their confidence was a trait of the humans, then let’s unveil you a plant that is an impeccable double-cross!
They belong to the genus Ophrys and come under the Ophrys insectifera type of species. Since they bear a strong resemblance to the bodies… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/08/ophrys-orchid-the-happiest-orchid-in-the-world/