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Discovery of lost sunk ship set to unravel the ‘greatest Canadian mystery’

In 1845, the British set off an expedition to explore the Arctic. It was led by Captain Sir John Franklin, an experienced adventurer and officer of the Royal Navy. He had led three expeditions before this, all in the same region. The last one was to the Northwest Passage, where the expedition… – http://www.fiboni.com/2014/09/greatest-canadian-mystery/

Green Flash- It’s Stunning!


Green flash sun is an optical phenomenon that takes place just before the sunset or the sunrise. Whenever it occurs, a green spot becomes visible for a fraction of seconds. A green rim is produced on the top of the solar disk. When the sun slowly slides down on a grand ocean… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/08/green-flash-its-stunning/

The White Desert- Naturally occurring Rock Formations

If you thought, Egypt has an abundance of man-made monuments, then you probably didn’t know it is also been enriched with a natural beauty which indeed deserves a place in every touristic guide. As unearthly as it may look, this is startlingly one of the best landscapes on the planet. White… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/07/the-white-desert-naturally-occurring-rock-formations/

Great Blue Hole in Belize – A Haven for Divers

Whoever visits this divine site undeniably cherishes this astounding experience for a lifetime! As mysterious and uncanny it may seems, this site has to become the first thing to do on the bucket list of every diver in the world.
This site came in the limelight by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/07/great-blue-hole-in-belize-a-haven-for-divers/

The Virgin Birth of Anteater Puzzles Experts

So, you are thinking what is so unique about this simple looking anteater and her baby? Read more and know why this anteater has sparked a scientific debate.
It all started at LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich when Armani had given birth to Alice together with her mate Alf (male… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/06/the-virgin-birth-of-anteater-puzzles-experts/

Door to Hell- Turkmenistan (Burning for 40 Years)

Located in the midst of Karakum Desert, The Door to Hell is a natural gas field fire in Derweze Village of Ahal Province, Turkmenistan. The Door to Hell is a rich natural gas area, which is still red-hot. The orange-red flames were lit by Soviet Petrochemical scientists in 1971. The order of… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/06/door-to-hell-turkmenistan-burning-for-40-years/

Who is Making These Mysterious Sand Circles on the Ocean Floors?

Deep beneath the ocean of Amami Oshima, Japan are alluring mystery circles intricately designed to provide you with some interesting food for thought! Yoji Ookata, a Japanese photographer took the first shots of these mesmerizing decorative rings while on his usual diving trip. Dedicated to… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/06/who-is-making-these-mysterious-sand-circles-on-the-ocean-floors/