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Beautiful sea mammals discovered – the Cape Wearing Dolphin

It is certainly not Bigfoot, but this new addition to the cetacean family is undoubtedly 8 feet long. The newly christened cape wearing dolphin is a member of the humpback family. This category of dolphins is known so because of the hump below their dorsal fin. They generally inhabit the river… – http://www.fiboni.com/2014/09/beautiful-cape-wearing-dolphin/


Two headed dolphin – the wonder creature from Turkey!

In the 21st century, people generally assume that we have discovered most of what is there to be seen on this beautiful Earth. The deepest oceans have been explored, the highest mountains climbed – is there anything humans haven’t seen yet? One man in Turkey found out that Nature will a… – http://www.fiboni.com/2014/08/two-headed-dolphin/