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Witness watery adventures with the world’s most inviting rivers

When you think about summer getaways the image that simply pops up in your head is that of a serene landscape, bordered by calm blue waters. However the next thing that dims the idea down is the crowd in the beaches during the summer months. Besides beaches in summer are just so passé. So why … – http://www.fiboni.com/2014/10/watery-adventures-rivers/

Colombia’s Spectacular River of Five Colors- Caño Cristales


Here is a paradise of colors and a treasure trove of nature- Colombia’s Caño Cristales. It is a river consisting of not one, not two, but five spectacular colors. This rainbow river of Columbia is an out-and-out biological wonder overindulged in colors and satiated with… – http://www.fiboni.com/2013/08/colombias-spectacular-river-of-five-colors-cano-cristales/