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Rare orchids to make your gardens special – the top 5 picks

Orchids exhibit some of the most vibrant colors and unique shapes in flowering plants; and some of the rare orchards disperse a fragrant aroma as well. While a few orchids are endemic to certain climatic conditions, most orchids can thrive on any garden yard with special care and proper… –

Languages that communicate through Whistles – When Sounds have Meanings

The form of communication constituting whistles is used by various indigenous people in the world and is termed as whistled languages. The language tends to vary in terms of the tonal nature of the spoken language with the whistling being based either on articulation or tone. In many cases, the… –

Witness watery adventures with the world’s most inviting rivers

When you think about summer getaways the image that simply pops up in your head is that of a serene landscape, bordered by calm blue waters. However the next thing that dims the idea down is the crowd in the beaches during the summer months. Besides beaches in summer are just so passé. So why … –

Two Headed Baby

This is a miracle and mysterious case from Pakistan about two headed baby. Conjoined twins were sharing arms, legs, hearts and even brains so there was already low expectation for survival and finally they were dead. In this article we have discussed some scientific reasons etc about this.

Dinosaurs in water- the incredibly amazing Spinosaurus

The gigantic fearsome creatures that dominated the earth millions of years ago have always been a center of fascination for the scientific community. The fossilized remains of dinosaurs have provided useful insights into their structure, function and physiology. Spinosaurus was once known to a… –