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How to divert your mind from pain?

Pain relates to a sensation which hurts in medical terms. Feelings of discomfort, distress and agony are all relatable feelings when someone is feeling pain. There are many types of pain for instance a steady and constant one can be called an ache. It can be a pulsating or a throbbing pain…. –

Google Cube- Six Sided Storytelling

Google, other than being one of the most heavily relied on search engine, has proven to be quite the innovator in the internet-dominated global market. From the much hyped Google Glass to the interesting as well as educational doodles, Google has always been inclined towards the concept of… –

Remains of the biggest dinosaur ever unearthed in Argentina

Lately, the biggest dinosaur ever on this planet has been unearthed by a team of paleontologists in Argentina.  The paleontologists were surprised to discover the fossils intact and in remarkably good condition.  The fossil remains are believed to belong to the long-necked species of Titanosaur. … –

5 People who’ve proven that cancer can be conquered

A survivor not a victim
A cancer survivor is anyone who has been a victim of any kind of Cancer. With around nine types of Cancer around the globe every one out of five people is a victim of this cruel disease. It is not an easy battle with countless dying from this ailment; it’s very natural to … –

Global warming is slowing, but not the troubles

In recent times, thanks to popularization by the media and Mother Nature as well, global warming has become a byword in any serious conversation about current events. With droughts lasting for years together and winters scorching the skin like summer, people have just begun to realize the… –

Amazon smartphone around the corner?

Amazon has long dominated the online shopping industry with its innovative products and unbeatable service, winning customers all over the globe. Though it has not been a prominent contributor in the electronics industry, it has always made its presence felt with its unique kindle readers. But… –