Monthly Archives: May 2014

NASA has a new spacesuit – features and more

NASA has never been on back foot when it comes to giving surprises. From supplying images of faraway galaxies to launching space shuttles to planets only heard of in sci-fi stories, NASA truly keeps us hoping for something awesome every day. And now NASA say it’s going to have one more surprise f… –

Riga – A European travel magnet in the making

Riga is the crown jewel of the Baltic. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect rendezvous of the multiple cultures that have sought home in Riga over the centuries. The historic and cultural nexus has witnessed the birth of the Nouveau art and masonry since the ancient times. By virtue of its rich… –

The story of a two headed Albino Milk Snake

Snakes, as reptiles, can be quite terrifying for any normal person. So obviously a two headed snake may be nothing short of ‘horror movie come alive’ for most of us. But apparently snakes have a lighter and a very charming side as well, the recently born two headed Albino Milk Snake stands tes… –

Two fascinating species added to the Alligator Snapping Turtle family

If you ever believed that turtles are gentle and harmless creatures that pose a threat to no one, you might actually be wrong; there are quite few badass turtles in the wild as well. Consider the alligator snapping turtles for instance. Named after their seemingly alligator like appearance;… –

Beyond the grandeur of Lake Titicaca – Breathtaking Bolivia

Amidst the towering peaks and intractable terrain of the Andes and beyond the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Titicaca lies a paradise largely left undiscovered by the conventional tourists of the modern day. A place where markets fill the streets, colors fill the terrain and traditions have… –

New fingerprinting method giving sweaty palms to criminals!

All the criminals, it is time to beware. The new Pore Fingerprinting Method is more efficient than any cape adorned vigilante in tracing down the culprit(s).

So what makes it so reliable?
An expert will obviously choose the new Pore Fingerprinting Method over the traditional methods for the… –