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Sea Cucumbers – Sea creatures cum Asian delicacies facing extinction

Belonging to the phylum Echinodermata and the class Holothuroidea, the sea cucumber is a sea creature. There are about 1100 species of sea cucumber. Physically they do not possess arms or legs and have a mouth with a circle of tentacles around it on one end and an anus at the other. Its… –

Can elephants differentiate among people based on their voices?

The largest creature that walks the earth is also one of the most intelligent and graceful animals. Known for their extraordinary memory, elephants are believed to remember everything. According to recent studies, they might actually be smarter than we give them credit for. Wild elephants of… –

Amsterdam – The Most Sizzling Honeymoon Destination

The capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Amsterdam, is truly a magical place. It is a beautiful city which is more or less free from traffic jams. There are few vehicles which ply on the city streets leaving the beauty of the place undisturbed by pollution. This lack of vehicular… –

A Sneak Peek into the Future of the Internet

The internet has been active for a few decades now and it has been rapidly evolving ever since. It has transformed from being a basic tool of search and emails to a powerful platform than provides answers and opportunities. The evolution hasn’t stopped, as the internet is evolving every minute o… –

A Ray of Hope for Snoring Patients – Revolutionary Research

People who tend to snore loudly often find it hard to share a bed with another person since they unintentionally disrupt a good night’s sleep and find themselves to be a target of ridicule. There are certain solutions for this like oral devices, exercises, Surgery, anti snoring pillows etc.
Glen … –

LEAFCOIN – A Crypto-Currency to drive the new Green Revolution

Here are a couple of statistics that will make you chew your nails off. Every year, forests the size of Panama are being cleared off all trees! Also, as much as 15% of the global warming problem is accounted for by the massive deforestation that’s plaguing the Earth in the present times. Whereas … –

What’s being done to prevent deforestation?

Suffocated environment, naked and barren patches of land, extinct species, and violated human rights – these are just a few of the several frightening faces of deforestation. Just like the problem, the efforts being made to bring about a change are not new, and have been around for some time n… –