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520 million year old arthropod fossil could restructure the history of arthropods

It is not uncommon for time durations like thousands of millions of years to be associated with fossils that are unearthed across the face of the earth every year. Very recently, images of an arthropod that existed more than 520 million years ago flashed across the cyber sphere, exciting waves… –


The Cave of Swallows – A little piece of heaven under earth

When you think of Mexico, the first few things that come to your mind are the drug lords, beach resorts and the world famous tequila. With its colourful history and culture, Mexico is a popular tourist destination. From the spicy Mexican food to the getaway resort towns, Mexico has it all…. –

4K – The future of high definition television

At least two beliefs have been busted by this year’s CES already. Firstly, the general opinion is that electronics manufacturers are playing the price game, and trying to win markets on prices. Secondly, technologies with staying power are a thing of the past, and all investment is heading into t… –

St. John’s – the Caribbean version of heaven on earth

The Caribbean islands have always topped the dream destination lists of the discerning travelers. With more than 365 islands awaiting excited tourists all year long, it is not the easiest of tasks for travelers to zero in on which island to visit for the most unforgettable memories. Wouldn’t you … –

Waitomo Glowworm Caves- the starry wonderland

Popularly marketed as clean green and pure, New Zealand tourism features gorgeous nature parks, adventure activities and hiking trails. Blessed with picturesque mountains, beautiful beaches and lush dense native forests, New Zealand is nothing short of a paradise. Well- preserved by the… –

Green vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta)

Green vine snakes are usually found in the tropical and monsoon rain forests native to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and enjoy a high level of humidity. The Green Vine Snakes is arboreal, meaning they live on trees, and therefore can perfectly blend with… –

Sailfin Flying fish– The Birdy Fish Wonder

Fish are meant to live in water, but have you ever seen a fish that lives in water and is also able to fly? That’s right, there is a species of fish that can glide as well as fly over water, i.e. the Sailfin Flying fish (scientifically, known as Exocoetidae).

Historically, these fish are found i… –