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Underwater miracle – 3 days of survival in a sunken ship

Shocking sea – survival tales have always surfaced out, but not many might match the sheer scariness of what Harrison Okene went through when a boat he was sailing on off the Nigerian Coast got capsized because of a sudden ocean swell in May 2013. He was performing the responsibilities of… –

Guttation in Plants

Have you ever noticed how beautiful a leaf looks when a little droplet of liquid appear on the tips? It looks spectacular in every way and that’s why a lot of nature photographers are longing for them to take a beautiful picture. But this phenomenon has a scientific name: guttation.

The… –

The Common Baron Caterpillar – A Camouflaging Expert

Just take a closer look at the image above. Do you see anything besides a leaf? If you look closer you can catch a glimpse of a tiny little fellow called, the common baron caterpillar.
Feeding mostly on mango and cashew nut trees during its larvae stage; they remarkably camouflage themselves… –

Why Do Butterflies Kiss the Turtle’s Tears Away?

Kisses were meant to show ones affection and love, but sometimes the case is different. Read on to know how these butterflies have taken kissing to a new level.
Surrounded by butterflies, this tortoise seems like it’s hanging out with its friends. While it’s just one part of the story, we… –

The Blood Squirting Horned Lizard – The Wicked Master in Avoiding Predation

You may have come across animals displaying defensive behaviors like electrocution, camouflaging, and poisoning, but let us introduce the horned lizard’s impressive, yet bizarre defense mechanism to deter predators.

The horned lizard also known as “horned toad” or “horned frog” is… –