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Travel around on a budget – 10 Tips to help you do so

You might be under the impression that travel essentially means spending loads of money. However, that’s not always the case. If you’re looking to travel by spending less, then it’s very much possible.
10 Effective tips for travelling on a budget
Here are 10 effective tips you could follow… –


500-Year-Old Frozen Mummy Found

The Inca Empire is one of the most recognized civilizations in the world, but little did we know that apart from excelling in the fields of arts, math, science and medicine, they gave huge importance to superstitions and false beliefs, as well.

The girl in this picture would look a normal… –

Ophrys orchid – The Happiest Orchid in the World!

If you thought defrauding people by gaining their confidence was a trait of the humans, then let’s unveil you a plant that is an impeccable double-cross!
They belong to the genus Ophrys and come under the Ophrys insectifera type of species. Since they bear a strong resemblance to the bodies… –

Tips for parents during a road trip with kids

Are you planning a road trip with kids? Kids remain very vital during the whole trip. They have special needs and curiosities. You have to remain attentive particularly so that they could have fun and remain safe during the whole trip. On the road trip most of the time is spent in the car. The… –

Japan Volcano Erupts Blasting Ash 5 km into Air

The volcanic eruption that took place at Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima left a long trail of ash clouds all over southern Japan. The blast escalated thousands of meters, (5,000 meters- 16,000 feet) a record making height since 1955. The plume of volcanic smoke in the air casted a dark spell over… –