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Is It Raining Diamonds On Neptune And Uranus?

Scientists believe that our two celestial neighbors Neptune and Uranus might witness diamond rains to such an extent that they are heaped miles above the ground level. They are the two planets that accommodate methane in high proportion.
According to much scientific research, high proportion of… –

Bleeding Heart Plant- Eternal Love of Nature!

Roses are so passé; welcome the new symbols of love- The Bleeding Heart Plants! When nature shows amore, carves in colors of endearment and fashions with passionate heart designs, it would probably look like this! Literally, makes us wonder whether these plants have actually been seeded with… –

Fish with a Life Jacket- Heartwarming Story

This adorable and heartwarming story will restore your faith in humanity! This is the story about Einstein, a goldfish, who was named after his ability to learn new tricks and his inherent traits of a fighter. Einstein lost his ability to swim after he developed a rare swim bladder disease. It… –

Most romantic destinations in Europe

You are invited to the places where love beckons, where every scene will make you swoon and will make you fall in love with your sweetheart all over again. Redefine romance with these exciting, adventurous and romantic destinations in Europe. It’s time to take an extra-long romantic weekend… –