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The Virgin Birth of Anteater Puzzles Experts

So, you are thinking what is so unique about this simple looking anteater and her baby? Read more and know why this anteater has sparked a scientific debate.
It all started at LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich when Armani had given birth to Alice together with her mate Alf (male… –

Door to Hell- Turkmenistan (Burning for 40 Years)

Located in the midst of Karakum Desert, The Door to Hell is a natural gas field fire in Derweze Village of Ahal Province, Turkmenistan. The Door to Hell is a rich natural gas area, which is still red-hot. The orange-red flames were lit by Soviet Petrochemical scientists in 1971. The order of… –

Duck Orchid (This flower will make you rub your eyes!)

Exclusively found in the wild plains of Australia, springs up the nature’s most fascinating orchid specie that seems to be molded out of an imagination. Observing a Calena orchid, more commonly known as the duck orchid will make you believe that even nature can think out of the box! With its… –

Are You Ready to Watch Out For the SUPERMOON on 22nd-23rd June, 2013?

Shortly, you will get the opportunity of having a telescopic view of the moon without having to use a telescope! This weekend, (22nd -23rd of June) the larger than life ‘supermoon’ will appear to treat the eyes of all the moon gazers around the world.
Like every year, this SuperMoon is… –

Mammutus clouds – The Harbingers of Danger

This buttermilk sky and hanging pouches of hazy bags are nothing but ‘Mammutus clouds’ or Cummulonimbus clouds. They often are the indicators of tornadic or thunder storms. The name ‘mammutus’ is derived from the latin word “mamma” which means “udder.”
They mostly appear as… –