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Lizard That Resembles Spiderman

Another Hollywood fewer is here! It’s quite a belief that only human-beings are enthused by the celebrities and fictional characters of Hollywood films, but let’s get you acquainted with the spiderman of the animal kingdom that seems to be a perfect Peter Parker fan, its none other than the…


The Killer Sundew Plant

They say, don’t put your trust on anyone because people can go till any extent to survive in this world. As much as you thought this belief pertains only to humans, there are plants that are no exceptions. If you thought big hungry plants are restricted to only sci-fi movies, then you have…


The Mystery behind ‘Smoke Rings’

You may have noticed smokers trying to grab your attention by their potential of puffing smoke rings and making smoke clouds in air. So, if you thought this skill is pretty cool stuff, then you shouldn’t miss out on our own natural surroundings, which have certainly mastered this time-honored…


Top 10 Deadliest Creatures On Earth

These deadly creatures are known to be perilous and more powerful than any other species in the world.
There are lots of lethal things in the ecosphere. Animals equipped with poisons and venom is the most prospective part of it. The deadliest creatures are proficient of slaying humans in less…



If you thought only humans are entitled to receive the “romantic” tag then you have got to read this! Discover the wonderful world of animals, plunge into their romantic stories and surprise yourself by the most amazing animals mating rituals that you have ever come across!
“The best and…