Monthly Archives: May 2010

Abstract Reasoning.

Hello World,

Yes I wanted to start with a catchy line, so why not use the official WordPress welcome opening? Yes thats what I thought, but that is not what I want to talk about.

I actually want to talk about abstract reasoning, because I really like the word abstract. it implies that something is not real, or at least doesnt not have a real form in a way that can be found in nature. Does it mean that yo cant show abstract thing? ofcourse not, but an abstract figure can resemble for instance a living thing like a fish. However if its abstract it doesnt look like a real fish. It can be a dot, or a square even, or anthing form you can imagine. Thats the beauty of making abstract things; the possibilities are endless.

It becomes even harder when you talk about abstract reasoning, because thinking in abstract figures or concepts is very difficult. People that can easily think like this usually have high IQ’s and will score high on intelligents tests or aptitude tests. The thing is that you can practice and improve abstract reasoning and get the same score on IQ tests as people who are actually smarter than you. All you have to do is practice an abstract reasoning test. there are many on the internet but this is one I surely recommend, beacuse it a fun test also.

So thats it for today, and have fun practicing.